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Microsoft Hacking STEM STEM in the Alchemist Club School & Studios. This is what it means to prepare learners for the digital economy and get them ready for what's next.

The Google Artificial Intelligence Yourself-AIY Project

This is how it all started on October 7, 2019. This is the moment that changed the life of the Cognitive Apprentices in the Alchemist Club Studios. Watch the story of this EPIC event right here.


We are building the next generation of Voice User Interface (VUI) in the Alchemist Club Studios. Welcome to the brave new digital world of learning.

Google AIY Project

Alchemist Club Studios Project

Chatting with Google

Hey Google Beat Box!

Dr. Ronelus Chatting with Google Assistant

Hello World!!!

If you want to change the future, you have to create it yourself. What better way to teach a kid how to code. You just have to provide the learning environment for the magic of learning to take place. This is exactly what we are doing in the Alchemist Club Studios. This is Katherine. One of the most astute learner I have ever encountered in all my years of teaching. She's just a natural learner. It's not everyday an educator meet a student who just love to learn. She's a book worm. Whenever, I see her, she always have a book in her hand. As a result, I have taken her under my wings to help her accomplish her dreams in life. She super crazy about coding, game design and computing in general.This video showcase our earlier work using Python. She has graduated from this level of coding and is now fully immersed in using the UNREAL ENGINE & UNITY GAME ENGINE. I am sure one day in the not-too-distant future I will look back at this post and laugh. This is the magic that's taking place everyday in the ALCHEMIST CLUB STUDIOS. Stay tune, we have so much to share with the world.

Welcome to the world of Ray Tracing Technology

Project Sol Part I

Project Sol Part II

Project Sol Part III

Nvidia Jetson Nano Project

NVIDIA Jetson Nano Robots

Jetson Nano Intro, Setup & Demo

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